Monetizing Machine Learning. M. Amunategui, M. Roopaei

Книга Monetizing Machine Learning. M. Amunategui, M. Roopaei
 This book will guide you through a variety of projects that explore different Python machine learning ideas and different ways of transforming them into web applications. Each chapter ends with a serverless web application accessible by anyone around the world with an Internet connection. These projects are based on classic and popular Python data science problems that increase in difficulty as you progress. A modeling solution is studied, designed, and an interesting aspect of the approach is finally extended into an interactive and inviting web application.Being a data scientist is a wonderful profession, but there is a troubling gap in the teaching material when trying to become one. Data science isn’t about statistics and modeling; it is about fulfilling human needs and solving real problems. Not enough material tackles the big picture. it seems that whenever you start talking about the big picture, you have to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).This is an essential area of study and if you are like me, you need to understand why you are doing something in order to do it right. These aren’t difficult topics, especially when you use the right tools to tackle them.

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