The Python 3 Standard Library by Example. D. Hellmann

Книга The Python 3 Standard Library by Example. D. Hellmann
 The audience for this book consists of intermediate-level Python programmers. Thus, although all of the source code is presented with discussion, only a few cases include line-by-line explanations. Every section focuses on the features of the modules, illustrated by the source code and output from fully independent example programs. Each feature is presented as concisely as possible, so the reader can focus on the module or function being demonstrated without being distracted by the supporting code. An experienced programmer who is familiar with other languages may be able to learn Python from this book, but the text is not intended to be an introduction to the language. Some prior experience writing Python programs will be useful when studying the examples. Several sections, such as the description of network programming with sockets or hmac encryption, require domain-specific knowledge. The basic information needed to explain the examples is included here, but the range of topics covered by the modules in the standard library makes it impossible to cover every topic comprehensively in a single volume. The discussion of each module is followed by a list of suggested sources for more information and further reading, including online resources, RFC standards documents, and related books.

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