Python Tricks: The Book. Dan Bader

Книга Python Tricks: The Book. Dan Bader
Python Trick: A short Python code snippet meant as a teaching tool. A Python Trick either teaches an aspect of Python with a simple illustration, or it serves as a motivating example, enabling you to dig deeper and develop an intuitive understanding. Python Tricks started out as a short series of code screenshots that I shared on Twitter for a week. To my surprise, they got rave responses and were shared and retweeted for days on end. More and more developers started asking me for a way to “get the whole series.” Actually, I only had a few of these tricks lined up, spanning a variety of Python-related topics. There wasn’t a master plan behind them. They were just a fun little Twitter experiment. But from these inquiries I got the sense that my short-and-sweet code examples would be worth exploring as a teaching tool. Eventually I set out to create a few more Python Tricks and shared them in an email series.

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