Using SQLite J. A. Kreibich

Книга Using SQLite J. A. Kreibich
 This book provides an introduction to the SQLite database product. SQLite is a zeroconfiguration, standalone, relational database engine that is designed to be embedded directly into an application. Database instances are self-contained within a single file, allowing easy transport and simple setup. Using SQLite is primarily written for experienced software developers that have never had a particular need to learn about relational databases. For one reason or another, you now find yourself with a large data management task, and are hoping a product like SQLite may provide the answer. To help you out, the various chapters cover the SQL language, the SQLite C programming API, and the basics of relational database design, giving you everything you need to successfully integrate SQLite into your applications and development work. The book is divided into two major sections. The first part is a traditional set of chapters that are primarily designed to be read in order. The first two chapters provide an indepth look at exactly what SQLite provides and how it can be used. The third chapter covers downloading and building the library. Chapters Four and Five provide an introduction to the SQL language, while Chapter Six covers database design concepts. Chapter Seven covers the basics of the C API. Chapter Eight builds on that to cover more advanced topics, such as storing times and dates, using SQLite from scripting languages, and utilizing some of the more advanced extensions. Chapters Nine and Ten cover writing your own custom SQL functions, extensions, and modules. To complete the picture, the ten chapters are followed by several reference appendixes. These references cover all of the SQL commands, expressions, and built-in functions supported by SQLite, as well as documentation for the complete SQLite API.

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